Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Woodland Wonder

I've been fast and steadily working my way into Fall. And now that its cold both inside and out I keep wondering about all the little critters getting ready for winter; filled to the brim with busy work. So, while I snuggle up inside with two pairs of wool socks on (I'm plagued with the coldest feet in Buffalo) I thought I might take a virtual trip through the woods and see what everyone is up to...
It seems I'm not the only animal to think of layering up. Check out that Gentle Deer Man. He's got a scarf and everything! Oouuu, and it seems that the birds are already migrating south. And hey, look, those bunnies are on the run - headed for warmer weather I'm sure; flock purse and Jackrabbit Necklace. Ouch, looks like some deer met his untimely end. Did you see those Vintage Deer Antlers mounted on the wall? Yeesh. It's getting colder too. I probably should have dressed warmer like in this Plaid Flannel Bustier Top - cute right?! Talk about standing out from the boys. Maybe I should accessorize too, with a cute Brown Bear Brooch. What do you think, too much? Naw, just right. Afterall, when in Rome dress the part! Awww, look at this little leaping bunny nightlight. He jumped right over the moon! I didn't know they could jump that high. Did you? Oh, and this must be his friend Butterscotch Tweed Fox - wait. No time for introductions. I think I smell a fire. There, a cute little cabin in the woods! I wonder if anyone's home. I wonder if they have any mounted deer in there? I don't know its pretty cold out here though. Maybe I should just suck it up and go inside; Buck It Up Note Card.

Hello? Hello? Nope no one's home. Oouu, I love what they've done with the place. That knitted apple tree pillow looks so soft and cozy and I love that print, My, What A Big Heart You Have. And, that birch pendant light is just fantastic. Cabin in the woods or not I'd love to own that piece. You know, this place seems pretty authentic. They have an enchanted forest table set with maple seed pod napkins, and look, another cozy pillow. This one is a stitched applique pillow cover of an evergreen forest. I bet someone made that by hand. Sigh...this print, this one here is my favorite. I wish I had a cozy little acorn to call my very own; A Quiet Forest print. Must be a man and woman that live here because there are twig hair pins and log cuff links. I wonder if I snagged one of those hair pins if anyone would notice. Its just that my bangs won't grow out fast enough and I forgot to clip them back before I left the house and....hey, wait a minute that plaid bomber jacket looks pretty warm. That might come in handy on my walk back home-shhh! Someone's coming. Hide!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my night light on your lovely blog!

  2. Oh my, it certainly was my pleasure. I am such a fan of your work and had a hard time picking just one piece to include!