Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Birdcage Cards is a stationery shop full of pretty little paper goodies and, aside from my beautiful family, I always say it is the current love of my life. With a background in Anthropology my deep love of tradition and the art of making have helped to lay the foundation for my craft and, in turn, this little paper goods shop of mine.

Making everything from custom confetti and cake toppers to hand printed social stationery the old fashioned way, by hand with loads of patience and care, is my way of preserving an important way of life - one that is infinitely more personal and meaningful than anything that has been mass produced in a factory. 

One of my simple joys in life is the smell of paper: old, new, printed on, or plain. I can often be spotted slipping into a bookstore just to get a quick whiff of a new book. So, its not much of a stretch that my love of folk art and paper have evolved into a bit of an obsession with me. I love taking a group of materials and transforming them into something else. Scissors, paper, ink, and glue is my kind of chemistry set. And Birdcage Cards is where I get to share all those hand crafted paper concoctions of mine with the world.

Over the years as my craft has grown this little paper shop of mine has evolved into a whole lot more than just hello and I couldn't be happier (and busier) because of it.

Hope to see around the Birdcage Cards' shop and blog again real soon! 

lots of love, 
- Kate