Wednesday, January 20, 2010

bump bump, bump bump

So, while working on writing some new listings, today's post, playing a computer game, cleaning the house, and checking my email I discovered this gorgeous and quirky Heart Beat Brooch that makes my own heart go pitter patter. I'm on a bit of a shopping moratorium as I'm saving for a very special event in Guatemala (psst, love you Vicky!). So, even though I do want this bad boy I will restrain myself from snagging it, but for those of you who aren't saving for a holiday hurry up and buy this piece. I have a feeling that it will sell fast. It's definitely wearable art. Plus, it reminds me of my new motto - to live life with more love; to greedily soak it all up and give it out freely.

Oh, and if you do buy this lovely piece please don't forget to let me know. That way I can live vicariously through you!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Under Pressure

I tend to keep this blog all happy and light; fun girly stuff. So, you'll have to excuse my return to real life for a moment with today's post, but I'm finding that my stress level about the state of our planet has been growing exponentially lately. Environmentally our planet is stressed. Species become extinct, fresh drinkable water gets depleted, polluted, green space is running out. Our society is breaking down all around us. Our country's infrastructure is falling apart and for a developed nation we have one of the highest rates of child poverty in the world. And, I'm kind of feeling very heavy with the world's problems this morning and just as I was about to shake that yucky feeling and distract myself with something light and girly it dawned on me that I'm nearing 30. I'm an adult now and the time for distractions is just not an option anymore.

I am not one for New Year's resolutions, but I am one for making committed changes. So, from this day on I will be taking my mother's advice (shhhh, don't tell her!) and I will become a proactive citizen of my country, my planet, and my species. Every day I start will start with this one thing in mind...

What will you do today? Small changes around your own house? Volunteer work in your community? Let each day be new, be fresh. Surprise yourself and love more - you, your planet, and your fellow mankind. I know I will and just that thought...makes me feel a whole lot lighter already.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Love, Love, Love...

This is what my desk looks like right about now. Every year I make handcrafted valentines to send out to my loved ones and this year - well this year I have an Etsy shop. So, I've been making twice as many. I've always felt that the best valentines I've ever gotten were the ones made by little fingers with crayon smudgings and dried glue everywhere. Now mine may not be so messy, but they are made with just as much heart because, I think, nothing says I love you better than a homemade valentine. Well, that's my two cents anyway.

Okay, gotta get back to work. I've got a ton of pictures to edit so that I can list these new cards in my shop this weekend. Wishing you all lots of love. Smooch!

Monday, January 11, 2010

That's Probably Not Amore...

I'm getting some cards ready for Valentine's and I'm in the mood for a little amore. And when I think of love, naturally, I think of Pepe Le Pew. Now, I'm not sure what that says about me that my thoughts of love are associated with being stalked by a deranged skunk, but I do know that I love a good cartoon. Hope you do too :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow White

I'm surrounded by freshly fallen white fluffy snow and mid-way into winter, you know what? I still love it! So, today in honor of my lovely and cold (brrr!) world outside I thought I'd pay a little homage to white - Etsy style. Enjoy...

While I openly admit to being more than a little obsessed with each item I've picked for this collage, it is this knit hat that really makes my heart go pitter patter. I mean did you see that crocheted flower?! Calling all secret admirers - pssst, I love it! Okay, next up what girl doesn't love a little hair adornment? And this sparrow bobby pin is just the thing for bangs too stubborn to grow out. Attention, attention: please excuse the minor bird theme. It was not intended...scouts honor! I mean, hey, we can't help what we're drawn to and really can you blame me for being drawn to this gorgeous ceramic owl cup and fun necklace made of white lace and old copper chains?! I didn't think so.

So, I think we'd all agree that there is just something sexy about chillin' in your man's button down and this sheer boyfriend button up will leave you happy and your man clothed. Oh, wait would that make you unhappy? hehe! And I had to share this oh so enticing handmade soap - ahhh, the fresh scent of baby powder. Plus, isn't that such a lovely product photo?! I mean, really, I wanna buy it. Now, you can't have a snow theme without a little snowflake inspiration and these winter doily earrings do just the trick. And last but not least, I was so happy to stumble upon these lovely life mantra lavender sachets. What a great idea to have a little inspiration jump out at you as you riffle through your sweater drawer.

Okay kiddies, if that wasn't enough winter white inspiration please check out this super neat video courtesy of NPR and Science Friday.

See? Wasn't that a fun little picture show? And now you can't say I never taught you anything...or at least connected you with someone who taught you something :)

Anyhow, until next time enjoy your weekend and share all your love.

{top image: white swan plush by La Pomme}

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Color Me _________

I should probably start the year off right. Get organized, get in shape, be a better human being, yadda yadda. But all I can think about when I look at these oh so colorful moleskine notebooks is the amount of waste involved. And then I'm surprised to find myself thinking "yeah, but aren't they pretty" and "maybe it would be helpful to have a separate notebook for each month". Come on Kate! How does getting organized involve keeping track of 12 different notebooks?!

Ahhh, but my love of paper products is winning out and I think I could probably rationalize a use for them. How 'bout you?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Memo to Me...

At this point you may be expecting some words of wisdom for the new year or perhaps you thought I might take a look back at the final year of a decade and the start of my little stationery company, but no. I am being in the moment. And in this moment my head is telling me that I drank too much wine last night and I better crawl - slowly- back into bed before it implodes. So, there it is - me being in the moment and snuggling back into bed...with my bathrobe still on.

Happy New Year! (ugh, probably shouldn't have shouted that last bit)