Wednesday, November 23, 2011

With Gratitude

I'm feeling the Etsy love right about now. Especially since my Woodland Gift Tag Set was featured in yesterday's Etsy Finds email geared towards a DIY Holiday wrapping experience. Which, you all know I love.

Crazily enough though, I almost missed the inclusion all together. I spent the night at my sister's house, which I looove doing. I'm sure for her it gets tiring, but for me I just love waking up to her busy house with kids running about, eating breakfast, and getting ready for school. But, with all that activity I chose to rather quickly scan my morning emails and I almost missed that one of my handmade goodies was featured in the Etsy Finds email. Needless to say its been a very happy day with much to be grateful for. And with tomorrow being our American Thanksgiving gratitude sounds just about right.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love most.

til next time,
-Kate ♥

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bad Days Don't Last Forever

Yesterday was a no good lousy terrible horrible rotten bad day. I woke up tired and stayed that way all day. So, when I pulled my car into the driveway in the evening and backed into the garage frame smashing up a section of my little car I shouldn't have been too surprised, but I was. I even had a good feel-sorry-for-myself cry while I took off my coat and boots in the back hall.
But, the nice thing about bad days is that they don't last forever - just 24 hours to be exact. And they are often cured by a late night cup of hot cocoa and an extra two hours of sleep the next day. These two things will prove to be a sad girl's life saver. Well, that and extra marshmallows.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brown Paper Packages

It snowed here the other day. It melted when it hit the ground, but snowed. I love the snow. I can't imagine having winter without it; the two are synonymous. For me they have to be, because if winter's not cold then what would happen to all those cozy indoor holiday traditions? Would they loose their magic? Because they do have have it. There is a tiny bit of magic woven into the fabric of our holiday traditions.Holidays can bring about a lot of pressure. Scheduling in your family time with your spouse's family time, digging out all the decorations that don't seem to be in the same spot you put them last year, frantically trying to finish up all those handknit scarves you're giving to all the women in your family, mall parking - 'nuff said. But the thing about all of those stressors is that, when you live in the moment, you'll find they're really part of the joy of the season. We can't manufacture time, but we can make something out of it.One of my favorite things to do is to weave some of that magic into each and every gift I give. I may not make all of my gifts by hand, but it doesn't mean I won't spend hours dressing them up and grooming them just so. Most people see gift wrapping as a tedious chore that's rushed through the night before, but not me. I cherish that time spent wrapping. I see it as a luxury; a chance to sit and immerse myself in the moment. I get to re-look at my purchases and envision how their intended recipient will use it, wear it, love it. I get to surround myself with my favorite things - scissors, paper, glue - and turn a white shirt box into a masterpiece. And that smile that lights up someone's face before they've even unwrapped their package - well, that's just plain old magical.

For more handmade holiday traditions, including cute printables and yummy recipes galore, take a wander through some of my EtsyGreetings team member's blogs by clicking either arrow above.

til next time,
-Kate ♥

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pink Confetti and Elephant Dreams

Things are busy busy here in my workshop. I've been filling one custom order after the next and, seeing how winter wedding season is almost upon us, many have been of the snowflake variety.

Last night I worked in to the wee hours of the night getting this fun confetti order ready to ship out in the post today. Don't you just love those sweet colors?! And, so focused on my snowflake crafting task was I, that when I finally drifted off to sleep I dreamed of cutting happy little pink snowflakes to throw up in the air at an elephant parade. Sort of like this one, and this one, oh and this one too only brighter and in the daytime ♥

Wonder what dreams may come tonight...
elephant dream by ybryksenkova