Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bad Days Don't Last Forever

Yesterday was a no good lousy terrible horrible rotten bad day. I woke up tired and stayed that way all day. So, when I pulled my car into the driveway in the evening and backed into the garage frame smashing up a section of my little car I shouldn't have been too surprised, but I was. I even had a good feel-sorry-for-myself cry while I took off my coat and boots in the back hall.
But, the nice thing about bad days is that they don't last forever - just 24 hours to be exact. And they are often cured by a late night cup of hot cocoa and an extra two hours of sleep the next day. These two things will prove to be a sad girl's life saver. Well, that and extra marshmallows.


  1. That cocoa looks good! Hope you have a better day today. Came to check out your arrow - it's looking good ;)

  2. Yeah bad days can be rough and overwhelming. Glad it was temporary and a little coco and marshmallows made it all better. :)

  3. Thanks ladies for the happy thoughts!

    And, yes Lisa, my arrow graphic is all fixed now thanks to you ♥