Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Want Wednesday: Time

Lately, I just don't seem to be able to get enough done in a day. Which ultimately means there is no me time; time to relax, to play, oh, I don't know to eat a meal at the dinning room table. So this week, I'm in desperate need of time. More time to... sleep in until the filtered sunlight wakes me; to sleep in so long that I'm actually able to remember my colored dreams. Oh, God how I'd love that.

More time to walk around barefoot in the backyard and look for light reflections in soapy bubbles.

More time to sketch and draw and paint; to be creative just for me and to get dried paint stuck beneath my fingernails just for the hell of it!

More time to, not just read a new book, but to re-read old favorites left to collect dust on bookshelves in spare bedrooms.

More time to rent out a house on the East Coast before winter dashes in; a house where I will have more time to sleep in and blow bubbles and paint pictures of my colorful dreams and settle into bed at night by re-reading old favorites and...more time to breathe.

Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

{images: 1. Dave Coote furniture, bed and pillows, 2. It Begins via Richard Heeks' bubbles series, 3. 17 by HoaJan, 4. bookshelf by Monica Buck via Real Simple, 5. beach house via Anne Naumann's seasides series}

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