Friday, September 4, 2009

Lately Lovin': Claire Scully

I can't enough of British artist Claire Scully and her new online portfolio the quiet revolution. Based across the pond, Scully works as a freelance artist with clients like the New York Times, Random House, Penguin books, and Universal Records to name a few. Her personal work is inspired by the relationship between large metropolises and the natural world and I adore how she infuses an organic feel into her digital collages. And don't you just love that 'trunk' font above too?! I'd kill to make some wedding invites using that gorgeous font. Oouu, and I'm also wishing I had one of these lovely prints hanging in my office.

If you're interested in snatching up some of her talented work for yourself you can shop here and here. And don't forget to take some time this weekend to peruse the quiet revolution's site and blog to see more of Claire Scully's amazing work. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

{book cover for Random House}

{image for the sanctuary of wilderness gallery show}


{anything that can happen will happen}

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