Monday, June 29, 2009

A Good Find...

Do you know about Candystore Collective? Well, if not you should. Based in San Francisco the shop, initially created to be a 28-day temporary store, carries all sorts of goods from "big" and small independent artists from around the country and the globe; clothing for guys and gals, shoes, jewelry, paper goods, decor and art. And thanks to their web presence you don't have to be a local to shop their good finds.

When I first stumbled upon Candystore Collective I immediately noticed their great stock from designers I've loved and admired for years, but it was their vision, their mission statement, that made me a loyal admirer:

"We set out to connect with designers on a personal level, encourage their growth through support and community, and be dedicated the the success of those with vision, ideas, and the desire to create." -Candystore Collective

I mean come on how could you not get behind a store with that kind of philosophy?! From their goods to their goals, Candystore Collective is utterly refreshing.


  1. Hi. My name is Heather and I write the blog Gathering Spriggs. I found you via the comments page on my guest post over at Simply Hue. I love your work and would love to feature your work on my blog!
    Thanks for this great link! -Candystore Collective.

  2. Oh, yeah. Im still gathering some images from your etsy shop. so maybe tomorrow or this weekend.
    thanks for the inspiration!! ill let you know.

  3. Heather, you've made my morning - no definitely my entire week! Yes, I'm very familiar with your blog I think its lovely and even have it bookmarked! So, I am completely flattered and would be more than excited to be featured over at Gathering Spriggs!