Thursday, June 18, 2009

Come On, Wrap It Up

I must admit to being more than a little giddy about today's post. I'll be delving into my favorite part of any birthday party - and that's paper! If you're throwing it you'll need invites. If you're attending you'll need a gift which entails both a lovely card and clever wrapping paper. There's so much out there to chose from. I couldn't hope to cover it all in one post. So, here's just a few things to drool over...

Wrapping Paper Match Up: (clockwise from top left)
1. If I was lucky enough to receive this lovely resting bird invite in the mail I'd have to show up at the party with my gift wrapped in this to die for paper designed by children's book author and illustrator Liz Boyd. 2. I love the look of orange and blue. Nothing could go better with this adorable cupcakes birthday card than this groovy graphic block print wrapping paper. 3. Even though I'm completely in love with this cute alligator card and its fun little striped and polka dot banner it'd be shameful of me to oouu and aaahh over it since its a sneak peak from Birdcage Cards' own kid friendly line. So, instead I'll just have to gush over this ocean colored blue and green batik striped paper. I mean how could you not wrap a gift in it!?

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