Friday, June 5, 2009

Find Me My New Journal and I'll Send You a Free Gift!

A few years back I read this fun book called How to Make a Journal of Your Life. It exposed me to the idea of incorporating visual and verbal art in to one journal; don't just write your short story draw your images to accompany it in the very same book. It's been something I've always thought of from time to time but I never got around to putting it into action. And now, through entering the blogosphere I've been discovering just how fun it really is to mix visual images with words. So, yesterday I decided that it was finally time to introduce my words to my drawings and to make a go at cohabitation.

Easier said than done. Being the lover of books and paper that I am, I decided that I needed a new journal - a fresh start for a fresh adventure. And I can't just use any old journal either. I don't want one that's already been decorated. I'm a print maker; I wanna decorate my own! Well, do you know how hard it is to find a blank journal in this town? They don't exist. They only thing I could find was a kraft colored spiral notebook, but I'm not really a spiral notebook kind of gal. I want a bound journal. I did revisit the cereal box journal that I talked about a little while back. Problem is my sewing machine is old and tired and I'd like a journal with far more than 16 pages. So, that's out. Then I thought why not recover a composition notebook with parcel post paper. That would be the perfect journal size. Problem is that the paper is so darn thin my inks would run through several pages at a time.

So today, while I was supposed to share gorgeous pictures of my newly decorated journal and tips of how to personalize each page that would leave everyone ouu'ing and ahh'ing at the cuteness of it, I've got nothing. And because I've got nothing when I really want something I've decided to enlist your help and reward you accordingly. If, over the course of your online browsing, you come across a plain bound book ready for personalization and under $20 leave the link, your email and your favorite card from Birdcage Cards' shop in the comment section below. Whoever finds the perfect journal for me first- the one that I end of buying - will receive their favorite note card and a matching bookmark for free.

Here's the fine print: The contest will end Thursday, June 11th at midnight and be announced the following Friday. If no one finds the perfect journal for me (one that I'm willing to buy) I will pick a winner from whoever came the closest to meeting my requirements. Each person is allowed to leave up to 2 links per comment but no more. Your favorite note card from Birdcage Cards' shop can be from a set but if you are the winner, you will receive just one note card from that set. It is okay to pick your favorite note card from the new summer line even if it has yet to be listed in the shop.


  1. Ok, after a quick browse that's the best I found. Not sure if it meets your criteria though!

    I saw you don't ship internationally, but if I won I'd love the Antique Key Card- or you can pick another winner! :)

    Good luck with the hunt!

  2. I just haven't figured out the prices yet for international shipping, but if yours is the best don't worry I'll send you your goodies!

    Thanks for hunting!

  3. These are just a couple of interesting options...

    I think all the cards are fantastic, but I guess my fave is...
    Citrus Wishing Buds Note Card!

  4. Perhaps a little large for a journal (8 1/2 by 11), but my favorite sketchbook is this one:
    The cover is perfect for drawing on, gluing to, etc and I love the the tone of the paper. Perfect for if I want to use white guache or chalk.
    I also really like the exocompta refills. (They make nice covers and text blocks to refill them, but I prefer just the refill as their covers are blank.) Despite the thin paper I've never had them bleed, even when use a lot of india ink on them. I also really like the little tear away corner at the bottom of each page and the place holder ribbon.
    My favorite card is Plumage.