Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Week

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and that it was filled with balloons and banners, 2 layered triple frosting cakes and pink party punch, pizza and presents, goody bags and tootsie pops and lots of laughter and love. What Sunday wasn't your birthday? Oh, well - I guess that was just me then.

So, in honor of turning 28 (again) I'm having a birthday themed week over here at the Birdcage Cards blog. Everyday this week I'll be sharing some fun and crafty birthday party ideas. From yummy summer recipes to cupcake toppers and handmade wrapping paper, this week is sure to be a fun one.


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your birthday week!
    My brother bought me a pair of neon orange and green shoes! He said he had to buy them for me because they match everything I wear. I even match your citrus colored line of cards!

  2. Haha! That's too flippin' cute! I'll definitely have to see those :)

  3. Looks like a fabulous birthday. Did you bake your own cake? It looks delish!

  4. Nope, it was a family affair. My mother baked the double chocolate cake and my neice decorated it with rainbow sprinkles. Later each slice of cake was accompanied by a scoop of mint and chocolate chip ice-cream. Which is, of course, my favorite. Definitely delish!