Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Want Wednesday: Forest Finds

1. I want to head to the woods and go camping this weekend but I feel like I should be packing up an old beat up truck like this to make the excursion feel more romantic. {Old Truck and Bluegrass pic via lightxposr's flickr photostream.}

2. I want to drive down this winding road on my way to... {gorgeous pic taken by Allision Trentelman via Rocky Top Studio.}

3. ...this restored one room cabin... {via Chicago Home + Garden Magazine}

4. ...that's been decorated with this lovely black and white fir tree wallpaper from ferm living and...

5. stocked with these simrin glasses. {via the super fun Velocity}

6. After I've unpacked, stretched my legs from the long drive and had some yummy homemade lemonade in one of my lovely glasses I want to grab my new daypack and head out for an aimless hike to find... {via}

7. ...gorgeous discoveries in the woods like this... {Little Mushrooms via Rocky Top Studio}

8. ...and this... {Little Stump pic via Rocky Top Studio}

9. ...and this. {Japenese white-eye bird via John & Fish's flickr photostream.}

10. Then when I'm getting a bit tired from walking I'll head back to my little cabin and curl up on my cot in my favorite kissing rabbits sleeping bag and fall asleep to the sound of crickets. {via Anorak}

Yeah, I really want that.

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