Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Tedious Task

A few weeks ago I got infected by a nasty virus, that is my computer did. Nothing could be done to rid my little Edgar (yes I named my computer - what you didn't?) of his bad bug. Inevitably my computer had to be wiped and re-built. A lot of goodies were lost - like my detailed and categorized favorites full of craft projects, blog rolls and neat artist websites. I recovered a lot from memory but, as you all know, it takes time to acquire these things.

Now, most of my music was able to backed up, but for some reason none of it is in order and, of course, my playlists are all gone. For weeks now I've been working on a music-less computer and I can't take it anymore! On the agenda today: upload, sort and catalog all of my music. Ugh, tedious but necessary.

{pic via Anthropologie's new catalog - love the photography}

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