Friday, June 19, 2009

Crazy for Cakes

Today I'm sharing what most would probably say is the best part of any party and that's dessert. From chic and understated to the all out wacky these cakes and cupcakes are sure to please. Surprisingly, most are rather easy to make too. So, don't hesitate to follow the links, try out these recipes for yourself and get creative with your desserts. You can even take the plunge into creative cake styling with this washable silicon doileez from Lekker. Its a great way to dress up a plate without having to be a pastry artist.

Clockwise from top left: This pink ruffle tower cake via Martha Stewart (MS) is filled with meringue butter cream frosting in every bite! Excuse me while I wipe away the drool. I wanna take a bite of this short stack cupcake topped with yummy raspberries from Real Simple (RS) so badly! Excuse me did someone over at MS say banana split cake - sooo, where do I sign up? Doesn't that meringue frosted cake with raspberry filling from MS almost look too perfect? This is in fact the easiest easy ice cream cake recipe you'll ever try; many thanks to RS.

Here's some goodies that are surely worth the calorie overload. Clockwise from left: I might be the only person not big on rhubarb but I'd be willing to give it a try again for this meringue cupcake, via MS. Darn it! Someone beat me to that yummy coconut cupcake, via MS. Here's an interesting twist from RS, that's not frosting on this cupcake its vanilla ice cream! Yum, good 'ol fashioned huckleberry and strawberry cupcakes via MS

Clockwise from top left: Try a lifesaver for a carefree candle holder, via RS. Turn your dessert into a fun table setting by using votive holders, via RS. Why use a boring paper baking cup when you can try these sweet gingham ones from Bake It Pretty, these sophisticated laser cut cupcake liners from Estilo Weddings or any number of bright colorful options like these from the storage closets over at MS.
Last year when I spotted these cakes in a Family Fun issue I knew I had to save the pictures for something. These cakes, their styling was just too spectacular to glance out once and toss in the recycling bin. It pleases me to no end to finally have an opportunity to share these delightful cakes with you. Clockwise from left: towering sand castle cake, pirate hat cake, beehive cake, dinosaur dig site cake, cookie crown cake

Clockwise from top left: Cutest no bake rice crispy cake in the world via MS. This fun polka dot hop scotch cake makes me want to grab some chalk and re-enact my childhood, via MS. This silly little monkey cake comes from Parenting. Be sure to check out their 31 Awesome Birthday Cake Designs. Turn dessert time into an adventure with this treasure hunt cake via RS. Angel food cake is my grandmother's go to birthday cake for our family and this sand bucket version from MS is too adorable to ignore.

Images and recipes via Martha Stewart. Clockwise from top left: This caterpillar cake is a fun way to display your party treats. I can hardly wait for the next birthday in the family so I can write out a message with these polka dot cupcakes. What pool party is complete without these adorable shark and beach cupcakes? Dress up simple carrot cake cupcakes with your own cupcake toppers. {*see below for simple how to instructions} Just looking at these chocolate ice cream cone cupcakes brings back memories of my childhood. Here's a new one, well new to me anyway, cupcake pops; can't wait to try this recipe out. Any little girl - and this big one right here - would love to take a bite out of these oh so cute bug cupcakes.

Want to cut cake and ice cream like a pro? Here's what Real Simple had to say about that:
1. Slicing a sheet cake - for cleaner cuts than a knife try cutting it in a grid with unflavored waxed dental floss.
2. Carving a round cake - cut a small circle inside the larger one. The outer ring, with all the frosting, can be cut into wedges for the kids and the inside smaller circle can be sliced neatly like a pizza and served to the adults.
3. Scooping ice cream -for hassle free serving, before the party, scoop ice cream into a cupcake tin lined with paper baking cups and pop back in the freezer. When its time for the cake drop a paper cup on to each plate. {Kate's tip: don't forget to get creative with the paper baking cups for a fun fresh look on each person's plate.}

For more tips and pics check out Real Simple's Serving Cake and Ice Cream like a Pro.

*Cupcake Toppers How To:
1. Grab some basic punches (shown above heart, circle and butterfly) and center it over the images you want to display from your patterned paper. Be sure to punch out at least two of each shape to cover the front and back. Basically, you want to make a little sandwich out of the punches with the toothpick tucked in between. 2. Place a shape face down and put a strip of adhesive tape or a dollop of glue in the center. Lay down the top part of a toothpick in your adhesive. The bottom half should not be resting on the paper. Align the matching paper punch on top and put aside to dry. Once dry, decorate away.
tip: In lieu of the patterned paper try stamping an initial on to blank card stock for a personalized touch to your cupcake toppers and your party's styling.

Don't Forget to stop by tomorrow for a few quick and easy ways to make your own wrapping paper. Until then, have a happy Friday!

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