Friday, June 26, 2009

You'll Miss Us When We're Gone...

The carnival's in town! The carnival's in town! Well, not my town exactly but one nearby. And I guess technically it's not as much a carnival as it is a miny fair. But I'm not knocking it. It'll be fun all the same. Twinkling lights and candy apples, kids with sticky fingers and Ferris Wheels, giant slides and fried dough, hot dogs and crappy prizes. It's a regular rite of passage.

I headed over to the grounds earlier this week to get a look at everything pre-setup; not quite sleeping, more in hibernation. I loved the stillness of the site in exact opposition to what was soon to come. The workers had all gone home for the evening and boarded up rides and games were seemingly randomly strewn about.
Food trailers were driven onto the lot and abandoned for the night. I couldn't help but wonder if the kitchens inside were as worn in as their exteriors.
As soon as I saw these old cars, rusted and aged, I felt like I was walking through a carnival graveyard not one about to be set up the next day. Still, the age adds a bit of magic to it don't you think? Years of stories and laughter embedded in those cars. As for this folded down row of lights - well I'm not sure what it will become, a Ferris Wheel perhaps?
These rear decals were great. I immediately fell in love with them and while I recognized that the faded clown was more than slightly creepy I also realized I would miss this moment when it was gone; when the carnival was all set up and filled with activity. So, I enjoyed my fleeting moment as long as possible and stayed in the stillness 'til the sun set.


  1. i love these pictures. I love carnivals the fair is in town right now by my house i cant wait to go

  2. Wow, beautiful blog! I'll be adding it to my favorites. :)