Friday, October 16, 2009

Tell Me Your Secrets...

I don't freestyle with my word processor anymore. Since I started my blog I just don't seem to write for me anymore. I use my spare time for virtual hunting and pretend shopping. Which are two things I rarely, if ever, did before.
This morning I sat down for breakfast with my November issue of Real Simple to discover a great article where a handful of writers and photographers were asked to share their favorite time of day. I remembered at that moment that my favorite time had always been when I took a quite moment to journal - when I would dialogue with myself through pen and paper or buttons on a keyboard. You know, keeping a journal is like going to the therapist, seeing a new movie, and visiting with an old friend who always gives the best advice all rolled into one. It gives you a chance to process things that you normally would dismiss or flat out be too busy to notice. And it used to be a fundamental part of my week.

A friend of mine wondered the other day why I didn't do creative writing on my blog and suggested that it might be a fun idea for me to try. And I was left thinking - shit, I just don't write anymore - at all. When the hell did that happen? The journals I keep now have evolved into visual scrapbooks; full of doodles and pictures I've sketched in my free time. But, rarely do they house words.
You know maybe I gave up on it because I was sick of listening to myself over think things, but along the way I stopped thinking about anything that was personal, about anything intimate. So, no more neglecting myself and ignoring the things that need to be dealt with. From now on I am making an effort to listen to what I have to say. Will you do the same?

{all images by Kate Kane for Birdcage Cards}

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