Friday, October 30, 2009

A Goody Bag For Grown-ups

Yay! I'm so excited because today is A.) Friday and B.) my free gift from Gemma Correll came in the post today along with a few extra little ditties tucked inside. A short while ago I won this giveaway over on Pikaland. The email I received that told me I was the big winner - well let's just say that it was one message I was truly ecstatic to find in my inbox. I have had such a great big artist crush on Gemma and her witty style for some time now. So, I am truly over the moon about my lovely new tote bag! Too bad I'm too old for trick or treating 'cause I'd love to stash loads of sweets inside it. And those few extra ditties I mentioned - two cute postcards of her work. I think they'll look lovely framed and hanging in my hallway.
Wishing you all a fun and safe Halloween weekend full of lovely surprises.

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