Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Craft Fail

So here it is my newest obsession - Craft Fail. As crafters it is in our very nature to experiment with different mediums and try new projects. After all, we are a creative breed and creativity thrives on new. Like any scientist, a true artisan knows that with experimentation comes the potential for negative results - or just flat out disasters. And here's where Craft Fail comes in.

It's a community blog where fellow crafters from various niches go to post their not so successful crafting attempts and share their most entertaining "what was I thinking" moments - and we've all had those. The best part about Craft Fail is that each disaster is told with honesty and humor. Whether or not you can relate to the particulars of an unsuccessful attempt, I guarantee you, you will find yourself cringing along as you read all about a crafter's crazy project debacle.

Some posts will leave you in utter disbelief - did they really try that?! - while others will have you laughing so hard your sides will ache. Either way you'll find comfort in the fact that others out there have tried and failed right along with you. Do yourself a favor and check out Craft Fail. I promise you'll be entertained.

For you busy gals I've put together a little link list of some of my favorite craft fails:
1. "Bad Peeps!" A tragic tale of hope and loss and yes...peeps.
2. "Can You Make a Tie-Dye Shirt With Leftover Easter Egg Dye? Apparently Not." The story a mother desperate to do right by her son.
3. "The 'Bummer' Basket - Knitted & Felted Fail" A failed attempt to make a felted basket shaped like a bum. Why you would ever want an ass basket - I don't know, but she did and her failed result was very entertaining.
4. "A Bad Attempt to Use Fabric Scraps" I found myself quickly defending this craft fail. Its not that bad. While it may not have been what she intended, I think its kinda cute - in a lopsided way.
5. "Spam Soap Fail" A woeful tale of a batch of homemade soap that looked... like spam. Hey, at least she found a clever way to use it.

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