Friday, April 10, 2009

Pincushions Have Personality!!!

My grandma, the lovely Eleanor - Ellie, taught me how to sew as a young girl. She made me an Amish doll when I was eight and taught me how to sew different dresses for it. She's also quite the accomplished quilter and has generously made one for all of her grandkids. Mine is red, white and blue as I was born on flag day.

As long as I can remember she has always used the same tomato pincushion. I know its an old idea that's been around for ages but I love it. I've always loved it. I'm obsessed with its tiny stuffed shape and big personality. Even as I write now I can picture my grandma's hands carrying it around the house as she takes her project from the sewing room, to the couch, to the dinning room table.

The other day I discovered a new blog (well new to me anyway) called Twig and Thistle. I love the author's, Kathleen, consistent tone of voice, artist spotlights, and all her neat projects. Upon digging through the archives I found a lovely little pin cushion project that reminds me of my grandma's tomato pincushion.

Since reading the post I've gone on a mad pincushion picture search. What I've realized is that its not just my grandma's tomato cushion that I love, but pincushions in general. They are the grown-up's stuffed animal; soft and cuddly, made in different shapes and colors. Be it quirky or classic - pincushions, all pincushions, have some serious personality. Here's a look at some of the neat ones I've found by fellow etsy artisans...

twin chairs by rabbits moon, linen lace pincushion by namolio

lovely pear by Fluttersby and Flowers!, tomato by Country Accents by NJB

sunny side up egg by dottyral, yellow egg cup pincushion by The Sometimes Crafter

mini mushroom by Olga Almond, grey squirrel by Lucy's Locket, little monster from Jessica Kay

tiny bottlecap pincushions:
glub glub goldfish by ReFabulous, cherry blossom by Schmaltzy Craftsy

peppermint filled moss by Ottoman, rubix cube pincushion by pinpinn

Delicious pincushions:
cappuccino by Fuzzy Rose, cupcakes by Crazy Cakes, banana cream pie by Glittermoon

Pincushions are wonderful and great and full of so much creativity and personality. They are certainly worthy of our respect. Please take some time to explore each artisits' shop. They are full of so many little gems! And stayed tuned for my How to Make a Homegrown Tomato Pincushion post on Monday.

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