Saturday, May 23, 2009

Link Love: Kid Friendly Projects

I've got a file folder full of kid-friendly activities. I swear it weighs more than a bolling ball. I used to teach at a daycare - best and most tiring job ever - and I come from a long line of adults well equipped at speaking the "kid" language. So, you can imagine not much in the way of activities geared towards the 10 and under crowd surprise me, but here are a few ideas that I thought incorporated a new twist on an oldie but a goody. Hope they help organize the chaos that a long weekend with bored kids can ensue.

1. Carton Wallet from Family Fun. Let this time consuming project be your best friend this weekend. It will keep the little ones entertained long after its completed.

2. Styrofoam Prints from BloesemKids. Okay, so there is not much of a new twist here but its a favorite activity of my neice's and its hand printing so I had to share it.

3. Wave Ware Picnic Plates from Martha Stewart kids. This is a fun one since most of us will be heading to the beach or having backyard BBQ's this Memorial Day weekend.

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