Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Wanna...

Welcome to the first of many "I Want Wednesdays". Every Wednesday I will share a few neat toys, trinkets, baubles, furniture, vacations, goals, dreams, etcetera that I really really want. In this economy you have to be a bit imaginative. Most of us can't just run out and buy anything we want. A mini splurge I can do. A lot of mini splurges, well lets just say its fortunate that I have a rich fantasy life - which, by the way, is not code for delusional.

So, without further ado let's start the show:

1. What you never wanted a new bike at 28 years old? Well, if your current one weighed 45lbs like mine you'd want a nice new lightweight bike too. I'm not really a mountain biking kinda girl. I don't shy away from dirt, but I don't appreciate danger either. I like to casually enjoy my bike, riding safely around town on a nicely paved road. I think this little Schwinn will do the trick.

2. I found this gorgeously romantic pic on East Side Bride and immediately thought that I had to plan an equally romantic backyard party this summer where my guests would be aglow in a sea of mason jar candlelight.

3. I thought I died and went to heaven when I spotted these shoes in the toast catalogue. I'm a mary jane whore as it is but I certainly don't have these patent leather blue ones. I really really want them. I want them so much I'm tempted to call them a need.