Friday, August 14, 2009

What's in Wonderland...

This week has been all about crafters and artists who've flexed their creative minds and come up with something inspired and full of magic. From the whimsical applied arts of frank to the overactive imagination of Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton. These artists stretched their minds as far as they would go and created a little bit of magic for us all to enjoy.

Since I don't want to let go of the whimsy of Wonderland just yet here are a few simple and ordinary objects that, either become a bit or, inspire a bit of madness on the other side of the rabbit hole:

Need a little illumination? How about you snag yourself a hat sconce; very lovely and very Mad Hatter inspired. Ready for a match? Nothing as simple as this lovely vintage table croquet set for the folks in Wonderland. There, only flamingos will do for the queen and her croquet matches. Sigh...I love, no I adore this clever, beautiful, inspired green house ad that was a part of the Albion Cosmetics campaign; a bit reminiscent of the constantly size shifting Alice, don't you think? In the mood to make your own magical concoctions? Well, these tiny dram jars will hold just the right amount. Just don't forget to label them! A rabbit hole is sure to be full of rabbits is it not? I thought this clever bunnies pouch by Thomas Paul would be the perfect reminder of one's time spent in Wonderland, and...well, its just really fabulous too! You can't go to Wonderland without being invited to a tea party. No, really you can't. I checked. It's a rule. And what better way to celebrate tea time than with this lovely hand painted tea pot. The Queen of Hearts was a little mad. So, I thought I'd pledge allegiance to the Spades instead and let everyone know it with this fun little tea cup necklace. Wait, maybe spades was the wrong choice because these crazy cards are attacking! But, I still love them and this attack of the cards mouse pad so much that I'll be adding it to my wish list folder. Its the perfect thing to sit on your desk and remind you that a little bit of inspiration can lead to magic.

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