Friday, August 7, 2009

Hand Printed Goodies

...I've been busily crafting a wedding invitation suite for a lovely gal I met on Etsy. This order's been a real treat for me since A.) the customer is so sweet and easy to work with and B.) its actually one of my favorite designs. I just love looking at the slew of hand printed batches waiting to dry; rows and rows of sky blue gorgeousness. In a few days the order will be complete and I'm so excited to send these well loved invites out to their rightful owner. Its a fun thought to picture all the places these little guys will go; to the homes of intended guests all as unique as each one-of-a-kind hand printed piece. Still, I know I'll be a little sad when my counters are clear of them and I have no more pretty rows to look at...but, thankfully at that point I'll be moving on to the matching thank yous! So see, there's always a brighter side!

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