Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Morning Movie: My First Crush

I have a folder in my favorites entitled "sketch 'n books". It has a million links to a vastly varied group of artists' personal journals and sketchbooks. Lately, I've been really feeling Julia Pott's sketchbook series. I can't put my finger on why I'm so drawn to her sketches, but I do know that my favorite samples of hers are her mixed media pieces - the ones with sketched faces over old photographs. I'm a sucker for mixed media or collage art.

I'm also a sucker for her animated short My First Crush. It makes me feel all warm and mushy and a bit bittersweet inside. I can't help but watch this animated piece over and over again. A lot of you may have already seen this one before, possibly some time ago, but for those of you who have not yet had the opportunity I just had to share this with you. It almost reminds me of an anthropological investigation into the culture of first love. Only instead of publishing the results they've been carefully and lovingly animated instead. Enjoy this one, its a gem.


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