Friday, August 21, 2009

Fall Finds at Toast

With fall just around the corner (and being my favorite season) I gotta say I'm not ready for it this year! It's been such a short summer here in Buffalo - well, shorter than usual. I mean swimming season didn't even start until two weeks ago and now its raining again!

But, since there's not much I can do but go with the flow of Mother Nature I thought I'd get myself into the spirit of things with a browse through Toast's early fall catalogue.

Besides I suppose it wouldn't be so bad being kept indoors again if I too could lounge around in these cute denim flares and relaxed fit tunic. Plus, just looking at this picture reinforces my delusion that once by bangs are grown out, come September I'll look this effortless and chic too. Sigh. Anyhow, here's a few more pieces that have me excited about my favorite season all over again. I hope you enjoy them too!

This autumn check tunic is definitely giving me something to look forward to come fall. And aren't those calvary boots utterly divine? I know, I know I already own one pair of black and one of brown knee high boots, but really can a girl help wanting more?

As military inspired clothing ranks high for the second fall/winter season in a row its no surprise that this fitzroy jacket is already a popular staple. I thought it would look lovely paired with this leandra dress. Don't you just love those sleeves?

This kim pullover is the perfect cozy sweater for fall; with the relaxed ease of sweatshirt and the warmth of wool. Speaking of wool - this tulip dress is the perfect wardrobe staple; classic and understated with the modern twist of an exposed zipper. You can pair it with beat up brown leather boots for a casual weekend look, a cardigan, textured tights and flats for a smart office outfit, and for evening pair it with sheer stocking, heels, and a little bit of bling. Its a dress that does it all.

A show of hands who thinks this merino tunic is made a million times more cool with the slouchy square bag? Like I always say a great handbag can make any simple look seem like the coolest thing since sliced bread. And another cool thing I adore is the way this leandra silk top gives these tomboy inspired peg trousers a distinctly feminine feel. Its one look I definitely wouldn't mind rockin' this fall.

Isn't this iona silk shift dress so sweet? The silhouette is great for a variety of shapes and I love that solid band of color at the hem. Speaking of gorgeous color, these deep pink fingerless mittens are such a lovely and stylish way to fight off the chilly temptures that fall brings in. And what do you know, they fit a variety of shapes too!


  1. my favorite is the navy jacket with the yellow necklace!

  2. I know such a chic look. I have a simliar style necklace in red and I've always loved pairing it with blazers, but I don't have anything quite so lovely as that fitzroy jacket!