Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Want Candy

Ever wake up in the morning with a song in your head? Of course you do. We all do from time to time right? Although I do find it a bit odd since I spend most of my time not listening to music. I can't imagine how anything could find its way into my fresh out of R.E.M. subconsciousness. But, regardless of my frequent musical abstinence (which is due in part to a computer/itunes disaster that put me off reloading my music into my computer for a 3rd time rather than an aversion to stimulating sounds) I still wake up with a song in my head more days than not. Occasionally, I can even recall dreams where music was playing throughout the entire thing - anyhow, back to this morning.

Despite getting up an hour earlier, I feel rejuvenated and energetic and I believe its because I woke up singing this song. This song put such a smile on my face and is so rooted in my mind right now that I'm going to whip up a whole new I Want Wednesday post for later this afternoon because of it. Although, it could just be because I'm a sucker for sweets! Anyhow, enjoy your 80's flashback and the rest of your morning :) I'll see you later today with some yummy finds.

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