Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Emergency Broadcast

I interrupt your regularly scheduled I Want Wednesday post to bring you something I need - homemade chicken noodle soup like the one above made from this recipe. And quickly too! I've been attacked by a cold virus and I need some warm broth and a good night's sleep to set me right again.Then, by tomorrow when I'm feeling a little bit better (finger's crossed) I'll be needing this awesome soup and sandwich ceramic tray for one of my favorite comfort foods - a grilled cheese sandwich and a small bowl of some yummy tomato soup. Seeing as how I'm sick and all I'll probably want to eat it snuggled up on the couch and this way I won't have to manage a dangerous balancing act of soup bowl, sandwich plate, and what to do when I want to dunk. Cause we all want to dunk don't we? I mean, after all, that is the point of the tomato soup is it not?

Okay, okay I'm off to take my aching bones back to bed and on Friday I'll be sharing some sneak peaks of a few new projects in the works, aching bones or not!


  1. How about warm wishes to go with that soup? You take care of you so you can be back on top quickly!

  2. awww, thank you love! I'm feeling better already :)