Friday, July 24, 2009

Triangles and Test Prints

In junior high while some girls doodled hearts and flowers around their name + their boyfriend's forever, I was busy sketching diamonds and triangles. It was like a compulsion I drew them everywhere: brown paper bag book covers, folders, in the margins of notebooks, on tests and quizzes, I even marked up a few pairs of jeans in the process too. The truth is though I'm speaking in the past tense the compulsion lives on; I'm still drawing my trusty diamonds and pyramids on almost any piece of scrap paper that comes my way. Its like a glitch in my brain. I just can't help it. So while I was carving a new linocut yesterday I had an urge to see if anyone else had diamonds and triangles on the brain. Turns out, I'm not the only one with this compulsion.
I love this rubellite pyramid ring. I love it so much I really think I need it. And even though my hands are always stained with ink and my nail beds are atrocious I would proudly rock it out. This painting is pretty much exactly what my notes are covered with - well minus the whale and all the pretty colors. A few years back I saw a picture in InStyle of Charlize Theron wearing a pair of shinny gold pyramid studs. Needless to say I instantly loved them but this pair in a brushed finish is more my style. Wait maybe I shouldn't be sharing these because I want to buy them next month. Okay, so quickly moving on - isn't this custom drawing great?! You send in one of your favorite pictures of yourself or someone you love and Renee, the artist, will sketch you into this groovy geometric portrait. Triangles make perfect houses don't you think? Well, Barehanded Press would seem to agree with me in this Housing Crisis screen print. They have it in an awesome t-shirt too! Love, love, love these funky vintage white plates with orange triangles. I think I've found a kindred spirit in the artwork of Nicole Docimo of Blue Bicicletta. In her Etsy shop banner her bicycle has wings on it! Well, two weeks ago I started sketching flying birdcages for a new logo. Crazy right? Like I said, kindred. These mixed bloom cards show my love of black ink on white paper; simple sketching at its best. And last but not least, my love of school supplies, paper, playing office and triangles all converge into one with this fun numbers notepad. Can't wait to pick up my own.

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