Friday, July 17, 2009

Bag It Please

Okay I know I talked mini bags and pouches on Wednesday but I couldn't stop searching, looking, dreaming about the perfect sumptuous leather handbag to hold all of those fetching zippered pouches in. You know, the one, the perfect one that goes with everything. The one that says "hey I'm cool in a relaxed effortless kind of way". The one that makes jeans and a plain old tee suddenly look amazing and pulled together. And we all know it when we see it too because your heart starts to beat faster, your jaw opens slightly, you suck in a careful breath and...sigh. Hey, some girls do clothes, others do shoes - I do bags.
Part of my love lies in what Toni Collette's character, Rose, says in "In Her Shoes" - no matter what mood you're in, what size you are, how much you weigh a handbag always fits. Well, okay obviously we know she really talking shoes but you catch my drift. The other part of my adoration lies in the smell, the touch, the feel of a well made bag in your hands. The craftsmanship, the artistry behind it. Frankly finding the perfectly designed bag, the one that fits your shoulder just so, has all the right pockets, makes any outfit look amazing is down right magical.

If you're like me and this little sampling of purses has just wet your appetite then stick around because I'll be sharing more sigh worthy bags later today. I mean come on do you really think I could resist not to? And if your love of handbags isn't just skin deep be sure to check out Melissa Loves new weekly Wednesday feature "It's my bag, baby" to see what other women are toting around in their delicious handbags. It's definitely becoming one of my favorite features.

Well, that's all for now. See ya later!

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