Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Card Peep Show

So, as promised here's a look at some of the spring and Easter Cards that I've whipped up recently. I'll start the picture show with my favorite hands down...

"Yellow Zinnia" note card by Birdcage Cards

Okay, so I'm a bit obsessed with this yellow and grey card. It was made with spring in mind but I think I might use this style year round as a stationery set.

"Dandelion Fields" by Birdcage Cards. Available in assorted colors with and without the little cotton tailed bunny.

This little hopping bunny was made with my, soon to be 4 year-old, niece in mind. The perfect card for an Easter basket. But, I think hers will have to be on a pink card!

I'll be sure to share some more spring styles tomorrow and at the end of this week I'll reveal another stationery set from our new line. This one is sure to be a favorite. I guarantee it.

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