Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birdcage Cards' Mascot

Today I took my beloved adorable dog Max to the local pet store to buy him a new leash and a few treats of course. This windy winter took a toll on our backyard gate and somehow broke the latch. Without a bungee cord I used Max's shorter nylon leash to rope the gate to the wooden fence post before the wind could rip it off. Anyhow, I shamefully used the leash for far too long and the frigid temperatures broke apart its metal latch leaving me to use his retractable leash full time. Now, while Max I'm sure loves the longer lead to romp around in I find it a pain. It can't just hook on your wrist like the nylon ones. It has a handle that you have to grip on to the whole time. Plus, any dog owner knows there are times when you just don't want your dog wandering off the sidewalk on to the edge of someone's lawn; it's either too muddy or its a house that unfortunately uses pesticides and/or chemical fertilizers.

So, anyhow after a few quick errands I took Max into the pet store to pick out a new leash. They must have just waxed their floors because he was slipping and sliding all over the place. Once he gained his footing he sniffed around a bit, played it cool for the ladies oouu'ing and ahh'ing at his cuteness and was ready for his walk.

Here's Max patiently waiting to go on his walk in his new leash. Isn't he adorable! He is such a good dog for me sitting so nicely when all he wants to do is go running.

And here he is sitting still for another picture wondering why his crazy mom is stopping his nice walk yet again.

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