Thursday, August 12, 2010

Virtual Vaca

Ohhh, my sweet little blog. I remember you when. When, you were well tended and cared for not recklessly abandoned for months at a time. I'm so very sorry for my absence all. It's not that I lost the blog love. It's just that I had an entire virtual overload. From blogging to tweeting and facebook, as well as all sorts of other online networking I just sort-of had a digital meltdown and needed a break. The weather got warmer and I needed to create some free time to breathe; to photosynthesis and re-charge.

But I've been missing my outlet and my online friends so ya'll can consider me back! I'll return to posting my fun finds and themed tributes several times a week and hope to "see" all my online friends again real soon. So, I wish you a very happy weekend and I'll see you Monday!

shown above: love letter necklace from SimonDesigns

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