Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spot On

Ever feel like life might be a bit easier if there was a giant flashing arrow pointing you in the right direction? Of course. I'm sure we've all been there; wishing for a way to take the pressure off. Remembering how stress-free life was when we were six years old and our parents did all the heavy lifting for us. But the truth is, that that giant flashing arrow would take all the guess work out of life and constantly keep us on the straight and narrow. And we all know its off the beaten path that we tend to find ourselves because a good life, a full life, calls for a lot of misdirection. So, here's to getting lost...

{ Clockwise from top left: A is for Arrow, B is for Bomb tee-shirt, hand stud boyfriend cardigan, love spinner necklace, This is the spot giclee print, Struck poster, organic cotton apron in a fun red arrow print, arrow stud earrings by Jennifer Meyer, vintage Harlequin arrow pin}

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