Monday, December 14, 2009

A Fine Frenzy

I'm not really a huge Christmas music kind of gal. I find a good portion of it over the top and just plain over played, but all the same I thought I'd look for a non-cheesy holiday song to share for this morning's Monday movie. And when I stumbled across A Fine Frenzy I knew I had found myself a new musician to love. So, today I've grabbed two little movies for you. Granted, the first up isn't much of a movie; more like a song with a backdrop, but hey, it's a lovely song and if this is considered Christmas music then you can sign me up. Here's hoping you enjoy them both as much as I have this morning...

Good right? And can we just take a second to swoon over her cameo ring?! Love love it. I'll have to hunt down a cute one for myself on Etsy this week.

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  1. p.s.- here's another fun video from A Fine Frenzy. This song is a little more fitting of my mood this morning (code for its upbeat!)