Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

I've been putting off a "I'm home" post for 4 days now because it'll mean that...well, I'm home and vacation is over. But, since I've already been back to Birdcage Cards's business, house cleaning, dog walking, and babysitting I think its proof positive that it's life as normal once again - though not that that's a bad thing. After taking 2 days to travel home and getting locked out of the Newark airport I'm quite glad to be in the comfort of home.I brought home a slew of magical memories, a few of which are among the most meaningful of my life, tons of fun travel pics, and a heavy handful of super cool souvenirs and trinkets.

By far my favorite souvenir was, you guessed it, a bag. However, in my defense, this isn't just any bag. It's a super special, handmade in Guatemala, leather and Mayan brocade weekender by John Heaton. The quality is superb and yay for me the price tag was not nearly as steep as the one listed on the shop's website! Props to my dad for raising me in a flea market where everything is negotiable.

Unfortunately, I was in a bit of a frenzy before I found said weekender. You see, low maintenance me was convinced that I could pack for two weeks (including two formal gowns) in a simple carry-on suitcase. Well, once there I realized that not only had I under-packed, but I packed the wrong things. So, needless to say purchases had to be made and before I knew it my (or should I say my sister's) little red carry-on could fit no more. The day before I left I added shopping for luggage to my to-do list and while I ended up missing out on seeing one particular convent I did come home with this lovely lady... ...nice right?! And don't worry I haven't forgotten to share some of my gorgeous pictures of the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and city of Antigua. It's just that I took so many I hardly know where to begin! I guess I'll have a lot of sorting through to do tonight.

Until next time. Lots of love,

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