Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Many Faces of Eve

It's getting to be that time. That time of year when you curl up on the sofa, pull out your paper and pen, and start jotting down your holiday gift ideas. I love this time of year because shopping for other people is one of my favorite things to do. I'm so hesitate to spend money on myself that it's such an indulgent thing for me to buy something 100% guilt free. Plus, I can honestly say that I'm an excellent gift giver. I have a knack for reading people - well except where guys are concerned. Just ask my dad or my brother-in-law. For three years running now they each tend to get the same thing: "something" and socks for my dad and "something" and a Tim Horton's gift certificate for my brother-in-law. Yippee. But, in my defense it's not entirely my fault. Women are just easier to shop for. We like pretty things. Be it clothes, jewelry, a bauble - if it suits us, rarely will we ever say "ehhh, I don't need it."

Still, there are some women that can be tricky to shop for. So in my down time I did some virtual shopping and put together a gift guide for that clever, quirky, hipster, laid back, sophisticated, slightly over-the-top friend. Because, we all have someone who defies description.

{For links to any of the items shown above just click the picture. It will take you to my treasury on Etsy. Happy shopping!}

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