Thursday, September 30, 2010

What Time Is It Mr. Fox?

Fall is for foxes! So let's pay a little homage to our furry forest friend Mr. Fox today with some foxy Etsy finds. Clockwise from top left: absolutely gorgeous desperately calling out my name Rose print, delicate fox necklace in 14k gold; perfect for that quirky subtle statement piece, to be the coolest trick-or-treater in town slap on this hand carved leather red fox mask, a bit of fun on your hand to make you smile, while typing perhaps, white fox fixed finger ring, is it possible to not be obsessed with this illustration - my cup of tea print, love the idea of dressing up your entryway with this groovy fox on a bike door mat, I'm sure many of us are familiar with the adorable plushes from Sleepy King, but I can't help raving about them some more. This sleepy forest fox is my favorite handmade plush in town, A fox in a tie with a pipe blowing geometric triangle shapes in assorted colors? Come on what's not to like about The Duke of NY print?

A few more noteworthy finds:
- Chunky Red Fox Cowl
- letterpressed Foxy Fiddler Pickin Critter Calendar
- solo fox button
- The Hopeless Romantics print

p.s.- I've got a little foxy screenprint of my own workin' its way to the shop. Here's a little sneak peek:

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