Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's in a Name?

Hello all. My name is Kate and I'm the founder of Birdcage Cards. My Grandma Frieda, who has since past some years ago, always keep small birds in her apartment. In the warm weather she would take them out to her front porch so they could get some fresh air and converse with her potted tomato plants. The ones I remember most were 2 small birds with yellow and greenish feathers. In comparison to my Grandma's apartment they lived in a rather large birdcage. Now, while I loved to listen and talk with them as a young girl, to this day, I would never dare to keep one in a cage myself. Still, I do suppose that in some way we all live in our own birdcage interacting mainly with members of our flock - except - on occasion when we get out to the front porch.

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