Friday, February 27, 2009


I've been a crafter, a creator, a lover of art more than half my life. I love taking a group of materials and transforming them into something else. Scissors, paper, glue - it's my kind of chemistry set. But by bringing my business into the online world I've had to learn how to manipulate a new set of tools. Scissors, paper, and glue don't quite cut it when you're trying to figure out HTML codes or get your digital camera, which saves data on an actual floppy disk (I know I know its time to upgrade), to accurately show the color, weight and texture of your paper choice. Plus, I'm used to face to face interactions with people; online networking seems so odd. It's completely new to me. The fact is, trying to portray yourself and your aesthetic online is a tricky feat - at least it seems so to me.

Still, I will admit that in the third grade writing in cursive seemed daunting at the time but it didn't take long to master that skill. I mean look at me now, I've even taken to learning calligraphy. So, maybe its just a matter of time like breaking in a new pair of shoes - a little rough at first but soon to be a favorite pair.

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