Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Studio Snapshot

Today is all about multi-tasking. Although, really, what day isn't? I just got back from an extra long weekend at my sister's in Canada and now I'm jumping back into work.

Today is Etsy's Success Symposium and I'm hoping to pick up a heavy handful of handmade business tips throughout the day. So, I've been tuning into the livestream videos from the comfort of my beloved antique spindle legged desk in my sun-porch studio while putting together a kit of D.I.Y. Valentine's for my sister to easily assemble with my 5 year-old niece. Don't you just love a mom who takes the time to teach her children the value of crafting things by hand?!

1 comment:

  1. Dont we have so so many things to be grateful for???? I love working from home, I havent been doing it long... and oh am I still working out the kinks... but WOW... I am glad to be here!
    What a great age to get her involved in projects... that is sweet!