Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gettin' into the Swing of Things...

For those of you who may have missed my twitter and facebook ramblings it's been a bit chaotic on my side of the world lately. My father underwent surgery right before Thanksgiving and is still recovering from the physical tolls of it. I had a blast participating in the LabRats' trunk show in Etsy's virtual labs, but I spent a lot of time editing pics and getting my shop ready for it. I've been sending out paper goodies in the post left and right and running myself haggard shopping for excellent presents.

And now, with December 25th right around the corner I must admit to finding myself blindly running through the motions of Christmas rather than truly getting in to the spirit of things. That is, until this past weekend when I decorated the tree, strung up my favorite white lights, watched 3 silly holiday movies via the Hallmark channel and Lifetime, and baked sugar cookies from scratch with my mom, sister, and niece - and of course, ate said cookies
It seems that a lot of sparkle and a little sugar was just what was needed to make a cold season feel all warm and cozy again.

{top photo: little treasure via ChelseaVictoria}

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