Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Here it is the first week of February; the start of the "love" month, but honestly this winter weather is giving me no love. Its so bloody cold here in Buffalo! I can't stomach it anymore. So much so that my poor dog has been deprived of his daily walks for the past 3 days! Okay, 4 days. I know I know its neglectful, but again its just so darn cold you could really rationalize that I'm actually doing him a favor; protecting him from the viciousness that is winter. See, the thing with winter is is that its really one of the most dangerous predators in nature. It lures you in with its beauty and alluring stillness while prolonged exposure to its elements can and will kill you.

I know it sounds dramatic, but A.) its true and B.) I've got pent up fever. I could use a little drama! What?! Okay, okay I'll go put on 25 layers and walk the dog, but I won't be happy about it...

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  1. I live in SC and I freeze when the temp. drops below 70. Really! I can feel your pain! If I never see snow again, I'd be okay with that.

  2. haha! me too...well, at least until August comes and I'm so hot I cant breathe - then I'll romanticize winter all over again!